What is a room cooler? | How does a Room Cooler work?

What is a room cooler?

Room cooler means an electric device that gives cool air to the room. The hot air in the room cools down when it comes in contact with water. This cool air circulates in the room through a fan, making the room cooler. Cooling the air through the water and spreading that air through the fan is the mechanism in the room cooler to do both.

Room coolers are used mostly in summer season.

The main part of the room cooler

Exhaust fan

Permanent capacitor motor or split motor is used for this fan. The blades of the fan are mounted on the same shaft on which the rotor of this motor is located. This motor is fitted with the help of nuts and bolts in the body of the cooler by applying rubber packing. The speed of this motor is controlled by a regulator, or different tapings are ejected from the stator winding of the motor. From which the speed of the motor is controlled.

A motor of 1/10, ⅛, ⅕ or ¼ HP is used for the exhaust fan.

Cooler Pump

Water pump is used to get the water from the cooler tank to the water tray or water channel.

There are two types of pumps used in coolers.

  • Electric water pump
  • Mechanical water pump
  • Electrical Water Pump

Electric water pump

The motor used in this pump is single phase 230 volt shaded pole motor. The capacity of this motor is up to 1/20, 1/30 HP. RPM ranges from 1300 to 1400. The shafts of this motor pump are protruding from the phono side. The length of the upper side shaft on which the cooling fan is fitted is less. This cooling fan is also called plastic cap. The length of the lower shaft is longer. The impeller is mounted on the end of the lower shaft. This impeller is enclosed in a plastic box, to which a pipe is attached. Through this pipe water is conveyed to the water channel or water tray.

The impeller of the pump is always kept immersed in the water of the water tank. Whenever the water motor starts, the impeller also rotates and draws the water through a pipe to the water tray or in many coolers to the water tray. And from there the water falls on the grass of the cooler or on the Wood Wool pad.

Mechanical Water Pump

This type of water pump is used in window type coolers. This type of pump does not require a separate motor in the cooler. The fan motor which is used in this cooler, the motor is installed vertically instead of horizontally. This water pump is installed on the shaft of the same motor. This type of pump has 2 such sintered bushes above and below a spring in a plastic housing. Which are opposite to each other.

The pump body and impeller are connected to the lower centered bush by connecting the pump shaft. The impeller is constructed in such a way that it can be placed in the water of the water tank. The shaft of the motor and the PVC pipe are attached to the upper side of the centered bush by attaching a water fly cap.

When the fan motor is supplied, the fan motor starts rotating and the mechanical water pump also starts rotating at the same speed. Causing water to be drawn by the impeller. The water reaches the water tray from the water tank by the pump. And from there the water falls on Wood Wool.

This mechanical water pump is more economical than electrical water pump. Because it does not use another motor. Due to which electric cost is less.

Guide Vent or air diverters

The cold air from the air cooler reaches all the corners of the room so air diverters are used in the air cooler to provide the required direction to that cold air. This diverters are attached to the body of the cooler on the front side of the cooler. There are 2 types of air diverters used in air coolers.

  1. Fins diverters
  2. Circular diverters

Fins diverters

These types of diverters are used in exhaust type room coolers. Fins diverters are square or rectangular. It has horizontal and vertical fins. These fins are made of metal or plastic. The ends of all these fins are attached to the frame with a thin strip. The fins have a diverter knob. With the help of this knob, the horizontal fins are moved up or down, and the vertical fins are moved to the right or left. So that the air coming from the room cooler can be diverted (reflected) to any place in the room

Circular diverters

Circular diverters are used in window type room coolers. It consists of several metal or plastic discs at an angle of 20 20 to each other. At one end of the same shaft is a wheel 1 cm thick. That wheel is called the diverter knob.

When the fan rotates, the diverter knob rotates at the same time. The shaft is also the majority because of the knob rotation. And then all the discs on the shaft also rotate. The disk always rotates from right to left when rotating. This way the cold air from the cooler is easy to circulate in the room. A diverter brake is applied to keep the diverter stable.

Centrifugal blower fan

As soon as the motor of the fan starts, all the air of the fan is collected at a center point and thrown to a certain place. This type of fan is called a centrifugal blower fan.

The shaft of this type of fan is extended from both the sides and plastic fan is installed on both the sides. This fan blows air towards their center

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