Electric Fan | How many types of electric fans are there?

In our everyday life, in shops, hotels, offices, etc., Electric Fan is a very important electrical appliance. Without which it is difficult for an ordinary person to live comfortably. Where and why are electric fans used? 1. To keep the wind playing and fluctuating in summer days. 2. To throw out the hot air or … Read more

What is a room cooler? | How does a Room Cooler work?

What is Room Cooler

What is a room cooler? Room cooler means an electric device that gives cool air to the room. The hot air in the room cools down when it comes in contact with water. This cool air circulates in the room through a fan, making the room cooler. Cooling the air through the water and spreading … Read more

What is a transformer? | Definition of transformer | How Does The Transformer Work?

Definition of Transformer The device gives the voltage by reducing or increasing it, without changing the given frequency and power. That device is called a Transformer. Through the Transformer, the frequency and power of one circuit are transferred to another circuit by maintaining the same frequency and power. What is the main purpose of a … Read more

What is Neutral In Electrical? | Purpose of Neutral Wire in electrical Circuit

What is Neutral? In a 3 Phase supply system, its star point is called Star Point or Neutral Point by making Star Connection. And the wire coming out of that point is called Neutral wire which is always represented by black wire. What is the Purpose of the Neutral in Electrical? Star connection and delta … Read more

What Is Star Connection And Delta Connection?

Star Delta connection Diagram

What is Star Connection and Delta Connection? | How is the star connection and delta connection done? हिन्दी मे पढ़ें The 3 Phase Winding connection is done in a specific way to make the 3 Phase Supply System more efficient. That connection is called the internal connection of the 3 Phase. For the transmission, distribution … Read more

What is an Alternating Current? | Definition of AC Current

What Is An Alternating Current? | Definition Of AC Current

Guys if you are in ITI Electrical field, or interested in Electricals. You want to know about AC Current. So read this article Definition of AC Current (Alternating Current) Electric current which always changes its value and direction, that current is called AC current (alternating current). When an electromagnetic field changes through a conductor. Then … Read more

How are Plate Earthing & Pipe Earthing done?

How are Plate Earthing & Pipe Earthing done?

How are Plate Earthing and Pipe Earthing done? | How Do Plate Earthing and Pipe Earthing? Earthing is very important in every electrical installation. But how is this Earthing done? In this article, we have explained closely. There are 2 types of Earthing. Plate Earthing Pipe Earthing Plate Earthing In the name of this type … Read more

What is a Polyphase System?

What is a Polyphase System?

The Polyphase system consists of a 2 phase system or a three phase (3 phase) system (three phase system). But today, instead of single phase or 2 phase, three phase (3 phase) is produced, borne and distributed. 3 phase to single phase The advantages over phase and 2 phase are in 3 phase. The AC … Read more

What are the Types of Earthing? | Main 3 Types of Earthing

Friends, in this article you will be able to know how many types of earthing are there? 3 types of earthing are used in Electrical Installation as mentioned below. System Earthing (Neutral Earthing) Equipment Earthling Special Requirement Earthing 1. System Earthing ( Neutral Earthing) System earthing is done at power generation centers (generating stations), and … Read more

Ohm’s Law | Who was Omh? | 3 important formulas of Ohm

Ohm's Law, 3 Formulas of Ohm

Who was Ohm ? Before we understand Ohm’s Law (Ohm’s law) we briefly get to know some of Om’s life. Ohm was born on 16 March 1789 in Erlangen, Germany. He was from a very poor family. Despite his parents being very poor and uneducated, he gave good education to Om and his siblings so … Read more

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