What is a test lamp? | How to make test lamps?

Friends, the Test Lamp is a very suitable and cheap tool for doing electrical work.  Which you can make at home.  And every electrician must have a test lamp.  With the help of a test lamp, you can easily detect any fault.  And also saves your time.  In this article you will learn that, What …

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How To Check Phase, Neutral And Earthing?

To run any electrical device, a phase and a neutral are required.  If you have read that, basic electrical knowledge to work as an electrician. Friends, to check Phase, Neutral and Earthing, you must have the tools mentioned below.  Test Lamp Multimeter Neon Tester How to check phase in switch board? So friends, while doing …

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Basic electrical knowledge to work as an Electrician

Friends, I will try to understand you in easy way, what is the work of an electrician? What is the job of an electrician? It is clear from the name of Electrician that electrician is an electrician.  What is meant by electrical work?  Friends, it is the work of an electrician to do wiring or …

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