What is a star delta starter and how does it work?| Types Of Star Delta Starter

When a three phase induction motor of 5 HP or more power is started from three phase supply, then the starting current of that motor is very high.  This current is 5 to 6 times more than the full load current of that motor.  The motor body may overheat due to excessive current.  Or the …

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Electric Fan | How many types of electric fans are there?

In our everyday life, in shops, hotels, offices, etc., Electric Fan is a very important electrical appliance. Without which it is difficult for an ordinary person to live comfortably. Where and why are electric fans used? 1. To keep the wind playing and fluctuating in summer days. 2. To throw out the hot air or …

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What is a room cooler? | How does a Room Cooler work?

What is Room Cooler

What is a room cooler? Room cooler means an electric device that gives cool air to the room. The hot air in the room cools down when it comes in contact with water. This cool air circulates in the room through a fan, making the room cooler. Cooling the air through the water and spreading …

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