Basic electrical knowledge to work as an Electrician

Friends, I will try to understand you in easy way, what is the work of an electrician?

What is the job of an electrician?

It is clear from the name of Electrician that electrician is an electrician.  What is meant by electrical work?  Friends, it is the work of an electrician to do wiring or planning in the right way to reach electricity to any electrical appliance.  Or it is the job of an electrician to find out if an appliance does not get electricity and reach it again.  It is also the job of an electrician to repair electrical equipment.

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What is the function of Phase, Neutral and Earthing?

Friends, there is a single phase supply in our homes or offices.  In which there are 2 main wires, 1 phase and the other neutral.  To run any single phase device, only 1 phase and 1 neutral are required.  If any one of these does not reach the electrical equipment, then that device will not work.

In any single phase electrical appliance, the electric current enters through the phase wire, and comes back through the neutral wire to the supply source.  If this path of electric current becomes open for some reason, then the equipment will be off or will not work through open circuit.

Phase wire is shown in red colour and neutral wire is shown in black colour. And with both of them there is another wire which is of earthing.  which is shown in green Colour.

But friends earthing wire is not used to run any electrical equipment, rather earthing is used as a protective wire.

Why is earthing necessary?  Whereas one phase and one neutral works.  Here you can read the complete information about earthing by clicking on the blue sentence above.

If you have read about earthing then proceed further.

Electric Appliance

Friends, electric appliances that we use to do our different things.  Such as lights, fans, geysers, electric motors, etc., all these devices are a type of resistance.  Through which if electric current passes, then these resistances convert electrical energy into some other energy.  The energy we can use.

What is current, voltage and resistance?

When any electric device is working, then the conversion of electric energy into some other energy is taking place in that device.  Which is called Effects of Electric Current.

Electric current resistance means that when passing through an electrical device, there is a change in the energy mentioned below.

5 Effects Of Electric Current

  1. Physical Effects
  2. X-Ray Effect
  3. Heating Effect
  4. Magnetic Effect
  5. Chemical Effect

Physical Effects of Electric Current

Our body is a good conductor of electricity.  Meaning electricity flows through our body.  When a certain amount of electricity passes through our body and thus completes an electric circuit. Then we get electric shock. This is called the physical effect of electric current.

Due to the electric shock, the heat of the human body starts increasing.  Due to which the blood starts burning.  An electric shock can cause a person to cling to the line or be thrown away. The intensity of an electric shock depends on the evidence of the electric current passing through the human body and the time period of that electric current passing through the body.

Electric shock affects the blood circulation system of the human body.

  1. For a few moments that person’s thinking power goes away.
  2. That person may faint.
  3.  If the intensity of the electric shock is high, the person may even die.

By using this frightening electric shockbuck use in medical sector.  Mentally ill persons and people suffering from cancer are treated.

This physical effect of electric current is used in this way.

X-Ray Effect of Electric Current

If electric current from high voltage is sent through a vacuum tube, then X-ray rays are prepared in it.

These rays are in the form of electromagnetic waves.

The wavelength of these rays is very short.  That’s why they have more potential.  Such X-rays can easily pass through metal or human body.  This is the X-ray effect of the electric shock.

This X-ray effect is used in medical science to get the photos of the internal organs of the human body.

Heating Effect of Electric Current

When electric current flows through a conductor, heat builds up in that conductor.  This is the thermal or pharmacological effect of electric current.  This result is used extensively in the electrical sector.


  1. Heater
  2. Soldering iron
  3. Electric iron
  4. Light Bulb

All of these are used to get heat and for lighting in lamps, tube lights, LEDs.

Magnetic Effect of Electric Current

Friends, when electric current passes through any conductor, then magnetic lines are formed around that conductor.  This is called the Magnetic Effect.  By using only the magnetic effect of electric current, we

  1.  Electric motor
  2. Transformers
  3. Electric bell
  4. Starter etc.

can drive.

Chemical Effect of Electric Current

When an electric current passes through an electrolyte, the basic components of that electrolyte get separated.  This is the chemical effect of electric current.  Which we use for battery charging, for home inverter, for electroplating, etc.

Friends, we can easily get any work done by converting electrical energy into one of the 5 effects of electric current.

An electrician doing electrical work should be well aware of the machine on which he is working.  Which of the following effect of the 5 effect of the electric current mentioned above operates in that machine.

To learn the work of an electrician, you must also know about electric circuits,

let’s read about the circuit in detail…

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