What Is Star Connection And Delta Connection?

Star Delta connection Diagram

What is Star Connection and Delta Connection? | How is the star connection and delta connection done? हिन्दी मे पढ़ें The 3 Phase Winding connection is done in a specific way to make the 3 Phase Supply System more efficient. That connection is called the internal connection of the 3 Phase. For the transmission, distribution … Read more

What is an Alternating Current? | Definition of AC Current

What Is An Alternating Current? | Definition Of AC Current

Guys if you are in ITI Electrical field, or interested in Electricals. You want to know about AC Current. So read this article Definition of AC Current (Alternating Current) Electric current which always changes its value and direction, that current is called AC current (alternating current). When an electromagnetic field changes through a conductor. Then … Read more

What is a Polyphase System?

What is a Polyphase System?

The Polyphase system consists of a 2 phase system or a three phase (3 phase) system (three phase system). But today, instead of single phase or 2 phase, three phase (3 phase) is produced, borne and distributed. 3 phase to single phase The advantages over phase and 2 phase are in 3 phase. The AC … Read more

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