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Motor that operate on single phase supply.  That motor is called a single phase motors.  Such Motors are generally made
There are more advantages in using 3 phase as compared to AC single phase supply system. Therefore AC 3 Phase
What is a power factor? | Power Factor Definition The cosine coefficient of the phase difference between any two AC
Friends, the Test Lamp is a very suitable and cheap tool for doing electrical work.  Which you can make at
To run any electrical device, a phase and a neutral are required.  If you have read that, basic electrical knowledge
Friends, I will try to understand you in easy way, what is the work of an electrician? What is the
Power substations play an important role from power generation to power users.  The power substation is responsible for converting low
When a three phase induction motor of 5 HP or more power is started from three phase supply, then the
In our everyday life, in shops, hotels, offices, etc., Electric Fan is a very important electrical appliance. Without which it
What is Room Cooler
What is a room cooler? Room cooler means an electric device that gives cool air to the room. The hot
defination of Transformer The device that gives it more or less voltage, without changing the frequency and power given to
What is Neutral? In a 3 Phase supply system, its star point is called Star Point or Neutral Point by
Star Delta connection Diagram
What is Star Connection and Delta Connection? | How is the star connection and delta connection done? हिन्दी मे पढ़ें
What Is An Alternating Current? | Definition Of AC Current
Guys if you are in ITI Electrical field, or interested in Electricals. You want to know about AC Current. So
How are Plate Earthing & Pipe Earthing done?
Any electrical device that has a metallic body. Earthing is very important to that. It is very necessary to do
What is a Polyphase System?
The Polyphase system consists of a 2 phase system or a three phase (3 phase) system (three phase system). But
Friends, in this article you will be able to know how many types of Earthing are there? 3 types of
Ohm's Law, 3 Formulas of Ohm
Who was Ohm ? Before we understand Ohm’s Law (Ohm’s law) we briefly get to know some of Om’s life.
Electric Circuit Electric Circuit Meaning in English | Electric Circuit Definition In English | Definition of electric circuit. The medium
The following parts are attached to the three phase power Power Transformer for safety and efficiency. Transformer Tank Bushing Tap

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